Yad Rachel is a community based organization servicing families of Lakewood, NJ. Yad Rachel offers a comprehensive program dedicated to helping women and their families suffering from or at risk for perinatal mood disorders including Postpartum Depression/Anxiety.

Yad Rachel also educates the husband, family members and health care providers so that moms and moms-to-be can get the support they need to recover.

Yad Rachel provides information, guidance, support and treatment options as well as case management both during pregnancy and after birth.

Yad Rachel works tirelessly to educate and raise awareness helping women recognize the signs and symptoms of PPD and encourages them to seek proper treatment at the earliest stage possible. The goal of Yad Rachel is to alleviate the severity of the disorder and promote a smooth prenatal and postpartum period.

One in eight woman suffer from
postpartum depression.
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