I’ve just been diagnosed, NOW WHAT???

In this section of our Blog, we hope to be submitting questions and topics to various social workers, doctors, Rabbis and other professionals that are involved with counseling or treating women diagnosed with PPD. If you have a specific question that you’d like to see addressed here, please email our office at blog@yadrachelnj.org


If you have been recently diagnosed, or you suspect you have a perinatal mood disorder, its time to find a doctor. We cannot stress the importance of finding a professional that SPECIALIZES  in woman’s mental health, preferably in reproductive psychiatry. Having a discussion with your OB-GYN is a good start, but it’s not something we encourage. Just like you wouldn’t go to your pediatrician for a root canal, seeking guidance with someone who hasn’t been trained in this particular specialty can backfire. We encourage you to either ask your PCP for a referral, or reach out to a referral agency for a suggestion. You deserve the best care possible!! Sometimes it can take awhile for the effects of the treatment to kick in, or at times medication needs adjusting. Unfortunately, we can’t just take a simple blood test to determine the diagnosis and treatment. It’s a delicate process with very specific screenings and requires an experienced diagnostician. Having a mental health care professional who specializes in this field is imperative and can speed your recovery and give you the right support and guidance.

Below is an article that we published in a local publication. Read through it carefully!!

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