Yad Rachel’s unique holistic approach addresses all areas in a women’s recovery. From mentoring to perinatal massages, from caregivers in the home to support for the spouses.

Our comprehensive “circle of care” includes a dialogue between the client and her health care providers, creating a safe and warm environment which has been clinically proven to guarantee a speedier recovery.

PPD information packages distributed weekly to the local hospitals.
A weekly ad in the local newspaper with current information on PPD.
Yad Rachel’s directors attend a community expo to spread awareness to the general public.
Outreach to OB/GYN’s, pediatricians and community leaders on signs, symptoms and treatment and resources or postpartum depression.

In house counseling provided by therapists that were trained and specialize in PPD are available on a sliding scale fee. Yad Rachel is also affiliated with a referral agency that has a global network of mental health providers.

Being that this is a traumatic time for husbands and children, mentors are on hand to provide support to the immediate family members as well. The mentor will ensure that their physical and emotional needs are adequately met.

An anonymous and confidential phone line to answer any questions or concerns regarding prenatal and postpartum challenges, as well as, general information on postpartum depression.

Weekly classes led by trained fitness instructor specializing in pre & postnatal core strengthening exercises.
Nutrition counseling provided when requested.

A network of professionally trained mentors is available to guide the women through recovery. The mentor is a tremendous source of support, information and guidance. Mentors are required to attend monthly training sessions by healthcare professionals on a variety of topics pertinent to PPD.

Evaluations, treatment and follow up care by our psychiatric nurse practitioner Laura Kelly PHD, APN, on a sliding scale fee.

Weekly workshops led by Yad Rachel therapists where women can be empowered by others.

Pregnancy and postpartum mental health is a family issue. Dads need support, information and guidance too.

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