A wellspring of
hope and healing
for over 20 years

Since 2003, Yad Rachel has been a source of support and care for women and their families experiencing prenatal and postpartum mood disorders.

Yad Rachel

Paving the path for a better perinatal experience

Yad Rachel provides compassionate care and critical support to moms, both during pregnancy and after birth. Our circle of care embraces women with day-to-day guidance, as well as targeted, affordable, and professional services.

At Yad Rachel, mothers find a compassionate team that holds their hands and honors their experience. We do everything we possibly can to foster healing and help mom get back to her best self.

Enlightening with empathy

Yad Rachel educates husbands, community leaders and healthcare providers about perinatal mood disorders, so that moms and moms-to-be can get the support they need to recover.

We guide women to recognize the signs and symptoms and encourage them to seek proper treatment at the earliest stage possible, helping to alleviate the severity of the disorder. We empower women to be proactive about their self care and wellness, so they can be strong and healthy moms.

Yad Rachel

“Constantly offering support and empathy”

“From the very beginning, throughout our entire journey, you were available and in touch every step of the way. You devoted so much time to educating and explaining everything, as well as constantly offering support and empathy. No time was ever a bad time and your endless patience gave us a feeling of comfort and ease. The amount of time you spent on the phone, guiding, assisting, and advising… Your warm, positive, and uplifting demeanor was never taken for granted. Hashem should give you the strength to continue doing your incredible work. We are forever grateful.”

Breaking the silence

For years, women’s mental health after giving birth was not spoken about. Yad Rachel set out to break the stigma for those struggling in silence. We opened a center in 2003 to provide women with quality care.

And we want every woman facing this challenge to know:

You are not alone. You are not to blame. You will get better.
Yad Rachel is here for you.

Yad Rachel
Yad Rachel

Our unwavering values

Yad Rachel


We understand that women are reaching out at one of their most vulnerable moments. Every woman is treated with empathy, kindness, and the utmost respect.

Yad Rachel


We provide a non-judgemental space where moms feel safe, understood, and at ease.

Yad Rachel


Confidentiality is sacred to us. Our helpline is anonymous, and moms in our program can rest assured that their privacy remains completely intact.

Yad Rachel


Every woman deserves only the highest quality care. Our care team is composed of specialists who are uniquely qualified to address perinatal challenges.

Yad Rachel

Let’s walk the path to recovery together.

Your donation takes a mother and her family out of despair and onto the path of healing.