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Yad Rachel’s unique, holistic approach addresses all areas in a woman’s recovery from perinatal mood and anxiety disorders.

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Awareness & education

Yad Rachel spreads awareness and education about perinatal mood disorders through distributing information packages to hospitals, running informational ads, and networking with OB/GYNs, pediatricians, and community leaders.


Yad Rachel’s confidential IMA helpline is staffed by warm, caring, experienced professionals who are there to assess each woman’s needs and address her questions or concerns.

Yad Rachel

Family support

Since this can be a difficult time for husbands and children, Yad Rachel’s case management includes support to them as well, ensuring their physical and emotional needs are adequately met.
Yad Rachel


Yad Rachel provides experienced therapists specializing in perinatal mood disorders. Therapy is available on a sliding scale fee. Yad Rachel is also affiliated with a referral agency that has a global network of mental health providers.
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Psychiatric care

Yad Rachel provides subsidized evaluations, treatment, medication management, and follow-up care by our psychiatric nurse practitioners.
Yad Rachel

Support groups

Yad Rachel therapists lead weekly workshops where women share their experiences and benefit from peer-to-peer support.
Yad Rachel

Yoga & nutritional counseling

Yad Rachel provides weekly classes led by a trained fitness instructor specializing in perinatal yoga and core strengthening exercises. We also offer nutritional counseling for moms as needed.

Yad Rachel

Case management

Yad Rachel’s comprehensive “circle of care” includes a collaboration between the client and her healthcare providers, creating a safe and warm environment that has been proven to guarantee a speedier recovery.
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“Yad Rachel changed my life”

“There’s no way I can possibly thank you enough for everything you’ve done for me (and my family). You spent hours calming me down and helping me with your experienced advice. Yad Rachel changed my life and I have so much hakaras hatov. There’s nothing like knowing I can dial your number, and I’ll hear a warm voice, a validating voice, an encouraging voice, a voice that normalizes it all.”

Yad Rachel

If you feel something, say something. Yad Rachel is here to listen.

Your donation takes a mother and her family out of despair and onto the path of healing.