Preventing and Responding to Prenatal and Postpartum Crisis
Aim Habonim, Inc. (Aim Habonim) is a religious, charitable and educational organization that was founded in 1995.

The name Aim Habonim is a transliteration of the Hebrew words from Psalms 113:9 meaning “(delighted) mother of children.” Aim Habonim, now conducting activities using the alternate name “Yad Rachel”, is dedicated to causes relating to the difficulties experienced by women in the prenatal and postpartum period of motherhood and their affected families.

Recognizing the harm that can result when postpartum depression goes untreated, Aim Habonim is a ready resource with programs for awareness, prevention, intervention, pastoral and domestic assistance. Aim Habonim volunteers provide assistance and relief to sufferers of postpartum depression or other postpartum mood disorders. Volunteers skilled in pastoral care offer support, encouragement and information to new mothers and fathers in times of postpartum crisis.

Aim Habonim conducts awareness programs to educate clergy, medical professionals, mental health professionals and the public on recognizing and understanding postpartum mental health issues.

A new mother might not recognize depression or anxiety because she is tired, overwhelmed, or simply adjusting to life with a baby.

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