Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

We are so thrilled to share with all our readers that our Walkathon 2015 was a tremendous success!!!!

For those of you unaware, our annual fundraiser is our Yad Rachel Walkathon, an event geared to girls ages 8-12! It takes place each year in the May-June time, on a Sunday morning in a beautiful Lakewood park.

photo 5

Our sweet Lakewood girls grades 3 thru 8 register a month in advance and spend the next four weeks raising money and collecting for our cause. They find innovative and creative ways to fundraise; bake sales, carnivals, barbeques, babysitting, or just plain old knocking on doors and asking!

photo 3

Upon arrival to the event, they are each rewarded with a prize depending on the amount they bring in – then the fun begins! Walking around the track, stopping at booths to collect drinks, nosh and freebies,  passing by an ice cream truck we parked there which gave out free cones.  Then grand finale- a breathtaking trampoline act by award winning acrobats!


photo 2

The atmosphere is exciting, the girls are enthusiastic and happy to participate.


photo 1


Due to the unbelievable large turnout, We had close to 100 volunteers, moms and post high school young adults, to supervise and cheer on the girls. We are so grateful to our yummy little supporters and all their commitment and effort.


photo 4


Most of all, Thank you, Lakewood community, for helping out these young entrepreneurs by giving them those precious dollars and coins, by doing so you are donating to our cause and supporting the important work we do!!! This is are one and only fundraiser, we depend on these donations!!

For those of you who missed out on the opportunity to donate, it’s never too late!!