When you were single, the focus was on yourself. Dont you laugh how you sometimes thought life was hectic back then? You got married and then there was someone else’s needs to consider. But now there’s a baby and you feel like, “who comes first?”

It’s great that we have the Priority Pyramid. In Birchas Hamazon we specifically request Hashem to bless us in the following order “Harachaman Hu Yevoreich Osi, Vees Baali, Vees Zaari, May He The compassionate One bless me, my husband, and my children and all that is mine”. Guess who’s on top of the pyramid?
Your relationship with Hashem and your physical and emotional well being comes first. Doesn’t it sound selfish? Actually, it’s selfless. A women who takes care of herself can take care of others. If you’re nursing, you can see the message very clearly, ‘If you nourish yourself, you can nourish your baby.

When we were in the desert we were given the well in merit of Miriam Hanevia. We women are the sources of life-giving waters to those around us. However, we must be connected to the Source of all Waters; Hashem. By respecting our bodies which house our greatest gift; our souls, we can shower those we love with care.

In over a decade of helping women have happy marriages, I’ve never seen a hungry, overtired and stressed woman give much to her husband and kids. Nobody can drink from an empty well.

By eating healthy, sleeping, exercising, caring for your appearance and taking time for spiritual growth and friendship and whatever brings you joy, you will be a fountain of love for your family.

It’s really hard to remember this when you’re pulled in three directions, but taking a moment to connect to Hashem with your own words of prayer will connect you.

Just remember; If mommy is “well”, everyone’s well!

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