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Trauma, New Parenthood and the Pandemic

“In these challenging times,” “we’re all in this together,” “stay at home.” If no one has given you permission to scream from hearing these phrases, allow me to do that. Being exasperated does not diminish the value of these statements that are 1) acknowledging what is happening, 2) normalizing the experience and 3) making a plan to be well – that is all perfectly sound messaging. However, it is also perfectly human to be frustrated, angry, exhausted, triggered, sad, and overwhelmed by this world health crisis.

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Therapy: A Sneak Peek Inside

Listen to me. You may find yourself in this scenario. For months you have been miserable. Maybe years. You have spoken to friends, confided in mentors, consulted with rabbis, and vented to sisters. And you just couldn’t seem to feel better.

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I am a new mother and feeling very overwhelmed and torn between all my obligations, my baby, my job, my husband, my parents. Don’t even have time to think about myself! Any advice?

When you were single, the focus was on yourself. Dont you laugh how you sometimes thought life was hectic back then? You got married and then there was someone else’s needs to consider. But now there’s a baby and you feel like, “who comes first?”

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