Dear Yad Rachel…

I was recently perusing through one of the local newspapers and spotted an ad from Yad Rachel. You weren’t asking for donations, your weren’t hosting a dinner, and you weren’t advertising a Chinese Auction. Your ad was inviting all women who are experiencing pre or postpartum distress/depression to reach out to you for help.

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It’s hard to accept when i always EXPECT!! I know that my expectations are unrealistic. I expect my life to go according to my script that I have personally designed and imagined with all the details included. It’s hard to accept when I’m rigid with my planning and curve balls keep getting in the way.

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Your Voice

Until I was faced with the challenge of anxiety, I viewed the term anxiety and depression as a scary mental disorder that only happens to “someone” else. While experiencing the symptoms, the actual word anxiety and panic were so provoking that just reading or hearing THAT word caused my mind to go into a tizzy. I remember sitting in the doctor’s office when the screen flashed the words “Anxiety” with strange pictures following.

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My Journey…

My childhood was a very happy one. I have loving parents, many brothers, and a sister who is very close to me. I excelled in school and at home. I gave my parents a lot of nachas and I was every teachers dream.

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