Recovering from PPD- It’s a process!

Most women who reach out to us are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

The pain, sadness and almost constant anxiety is more than they can bear, and they are desperate for a quick and fast solution. It’s important to realize that the recovery process is like a JOURNEY. A number of steps leading up to an amazing goal-

BUT one needs patience and time to get there.


The process of recognizing, getting treatment and recovering can take weeks and sometime months.


Unfortunately, there’s no magic wand- we wish there was.

Healing can’t be rushed- it takes baby steps and time. It might take effort, hard work and lots of acceptance.

But you’ll get through it- and G-d willing reach a complete recovery- WE PROMISE!!!

You will be able to experience the joy of motherhood- without the fears, loneliness or insecurities! Your confidence and love of yourself will return.

You’ll be stronger and wiser, and will trust yourself more than ever!


  • Don’t compare your recovery to others.
  • Don’t expect that you should before your time.
  • Don’t give up!
  • You will get there!


these times are hard but they will pass2


By: A grateful Yad Rachel client who struggled with and overcame postpartum depression.

It’s hard to accept when i always EXPECT!! I know that my expectations are unrealistic. I expect my life to go according to my script that I have personally designed and imagined with all the details included. It’s hard to accept when I’m rigid with my planning and curve balls keep getting in the way. And so… When I expect to feel calm, relaxed, and clear when my mind just cant get there, I have a hard time accepting the fragmented, anxious, jittery feelings. It surprises me that these moods can come at serene times and catch me off guard. It makes me feel so frustrated why I’m feeling anxious without a person or situation to put the blame on. It’s at these moments that I’m learning to ACCEPT. I must accept that it’s okay to feel down, moody and fragile for a period of time or days. I must accept these moods, and view them as a heavenly sent situation that comes and goes according to his will. When I berate myself for feeling so “yucky” it only prolongs my situation and pulls me down further as my mind starts playing the guilt game.

Recently I’ve heard a lecture by R’ Zev Smith that miraculously changed my view on dealing with a difficult day. When Hashem created the Yetzer Hora on the third day of creation, the Torah refers to him as “Tov Meod”. This may seem puzzling since we all know that our evil inclination is our worst enemy. However, it really is coming to give us an uplifting message. The times where the Yetzer Hora seem to have us in his clutches is a opportunity for “Tov Meod”. Any positive action or avodas Hashem done on that day is considered so much more valuable and precious in the eyes of the Ribono Shel Olam. It’s our chance to earn double or triple mileage for any good deed, as only He knows how much effort is needed.


Accept that this too is heavenly decreed and has a special purpose. View yourself as a puppet in the hand of a Loving Puppeteer who is running the show perfectly. Know with every fiber, that this hard moment is going to pass, and the only thing remaining will be your everlasting double or triple reward for accepting and rising above the mood.



I am a new mother and feeling very overwhelmed and torn between all my obligations, my baby, my job, my husband, my parents. Don’t even have time to think about myself! Any advice?

When you were single, the focus was on yourself. Dont you laugh how you sometimes thought life was hectic back then? You got married and then there was someone else’s needs to consider. But now there’s a baby and you feel like, “who comes first?”
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Your Voice

The following essays were sent to us by a grateful Yad Rachel client who struggled with and overcame postpartum anxiety.

Feel free to respond, comment and share your thoughts!

Please note: All views and opinions expressed do not necessarily state or reflect those of Yad Rachel.
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My Journey…

Below is a letter we received detailing the woman’s journey through depression:

Dear Readers,

My childhood was a very happy one. I have loving parents, many brothers, and a sister who is very close to me. I excelled in school and at home. I gave my parents a lot of nachas and I was every teachers dream. I had friends. I had virtually no medical issues at all. After graduating, I b”h got a job and my employees were happy with me. I really enjoyed my work. I met my future husband and got engaged! I was very happy throughout my engagement.

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I’ve just been diagnosed, NOW WHAT???

In this section of our Blog, we hope to be submitting questions and topics to various social workers, doctors, Rabbis and other professionals that are involved with counseling or treating women diagnosed with PPD. If you have a specific question that you’d like to see addressed here, please email our office at
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Welcome to our updated website and new blog!!

We are so glad you are here!!

After months of planning and discussions (and endless cups of coffee!) we are delighted to announce the launch of our new blog, IMA’S BLOG.

As postpartum advocates, we understand like so few can- the pain, guilt, and shame you may be experiencing through your journey and recovery.

But we also know that with the right support and encouragement there is HOPE.
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